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RAVIN Crossbow .003 400gr. Arrows, 6-Pack Crossbow Arrow Case

Brand: RAVIN
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  • ACCURACY: Hard-hitting, incredibly accurate! Accurate, stable flight to your target!
  • PERFORMANCE: These 400-grain Ravin Arrows are made from 100 percent pure carbon and offer quiet, hard-hitting performance.
  • DESIGNED FOR RAVIN CROSSBOW: For use with the Ravin Crossbow only. Includes 6 arrows with brass inserts and aluminum nock bushings. Use only Ravin branded arrows with Ravin clip-on nocks.
  • RAVIN ARROW CASE: Just as you would buy a case to protect your crossbow, you should also consider protecting your arrows with the new Ravin Arrow Case.
  • LOW-PROFILE ARROW STORAGE AND TRANSPORT FOR YOUR CROSSBOW ARROWS: A low-profile molded design, this semi-rigid case holds up to 6 Ravin arrows in protected safety.